Ceridian Trial Payroll

An Internet-based Ceridian service that clients use to preview and accept the trial payroll results. When you accept the trial payroll results, the Ceridian Payroll System generates the final checks, reports, and related media.

With Ceridian Trial Payroll, the trial payroll results and the final payroll results match exactly because the Ceridian Payroll System calculates and runs the trial payroll process and the payroll process by using the input files from your:

Depending on your individual needs, you can run the trial payroll process an unlimited number of times during a pay period before you accept the trial payroll results or run it only as needed, such as for a bonus run. To request another trial payroll for the same pay period, use your Ceridian payroll product to correct the information and then send the input files. After the Ceridian Payroll System runs the trial payroll process, you review the trial payroll results before you accept the trial payroll.